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Workflow Automation

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Importance of Automation

Workflows should be automated whenever possible for numerous reasons, including faster operations and an increase in efficiency and accuracy.

  • Increased task efficiency, employees have more time to work on higher impact work
  • Costs saved due to increased productivity from employees
  • The ability to view a map of your current live workflows (automated or not)
  • Increased customer engagement, customers and leads are now receiving automated messages
  • Less human error
  • Better analytics

Targeted Email & SMS Automation

Automated emails have been around for a long time… But not all email & sms campaigns are targeted towards the lifecycle, interests, or unique identifiers of your client.

Using “tagging” technologies - your clients can receive custom email & SMS messages depending on many different variables. EXAMPLE: If your client purchased a teeth whitening kit from your practice - your POS can input their information, date of birth, date of purchase, tag “purchased teeth whitening” and the date of purchase.

Let’s say the life of the teeth whitening kit is 1 month. After 1 month of the purchase - an email and sms offer for a custom teeth whitening kit can be sent automatically to the client. Then, on their birthday they can automatically receive a discount on more premium teeth whitening kits.

That is the true power of targeted email & sms marketing that so many marketers are not utilizing today.